The VETS – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Go away I am not well

I am not sure when it happened. It could have been when we chased one of those pesky balloons away from ourcottages (click here) or it could have been when I followed idiot brother over the fence to see if there were any crows worth chasing. I just don’t remember but all of a sudden I found I had a pain in my paw.  I had broken a nail. Now Ok that doesn’t sound like much. Mistress does it all the time and makes a great fuss about it but a dogs nail is more important and it hurt. Anyway I limped a bit till I realised if I didn’t watch out I might get taken to the VET.  So I went in doors and found a suitable warm spot. The problem was that it really did hurt so I had to keep licking it. Unfortunately thanks to idiot brother’s over licking a few months ago master looks out for this sort of thing and I got caught. The spots of blood on the floor didn’t help either. Before I could think about where to hide I was in the CAR. We got to the VET’s where two very nice ladies behind the desk made a fuss of me before we went in to see the vet. Master wasn’t much help as he kept telling me it was Ok because it ‘wasn’t going to hurt him’. Yes – well it wouldn’t would it. But what about me. The vet was very nice and cut back my broken nail without me feeling too much pain which means I can run about again without it hurting. I thought we had finished  and was looking out of the window to see if there was anything interesting happening when he jabbed a great big needle into me – my yearly booster. It was a bit uncalled for considering the mental stress I was already in. The only good thing is that idiot brother has to go next week, so I can keep reminding him.

Just before we left master asked a very sensible question – did I look a bit under weight?  Yes I am – I have been on a  starvation ration now for years. Maybe now was the time when I would start getting properly fed.  Well blow me down the vet said I was just about right. How can that be right? What does he know? Can’t he see a malnourished dog when he sees one? I am not going back there! To make matters worse I was stuck on the scales by the nice nurse and everyone sagely nodded and said yes I was about the correct weight.  NO I AM NOT. I am UNDERWEIGHT and need feeding more.

One good thing about  the vets, I got some special treats I am supposed to have twice a day. Idiot brother doesn’t get any which is making him a bit annoyed – good!

I didn’t wander off – Blue

Blue at our Peak district Cottages

Me giving master a cuddle

I know what dopey brother has told you about my adventure last week at ourcottages (click here). But he was asleep, as usual, so what would he know. Anyhow here is the truth about what happened. I was sitting in the courtyard watching the world go by (a great pastime) when I saw a group of walkers a few fields away.  They didn’t appear to know where they were going.  So I barked at them a few times but they didn’t seem to understand  (obviously not from these parts).  So to be helpful,  I ran over to see if I could help.  They seemed a friendly bunch so I decided I would be super helpful and show them the way to Over Hadden (the direction they were heading).  We know the way to Over Haddon well as we get taken there quite often.  So I lead them across the road into Andrew’s fields where I had intended to head back home. Then I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to go across the road (master would be very cross). The group still looked a little lost and having gone across the road I thought I had better carry on trying to be helpful (in for a penny in for a pound). So I decided to show them all the way to the next road.

Blue at our peak district cottages

Where has everyone gone

My intention was to take them to the road heading into Over Hadden and then come back home. To my horror when we go to the Over Haddon road mistress was standing there waiting for me (thank goodness it wasn’t master). She of course didn’t understand at all and thought I had wandered off. But I hadn’t I was just trying to be helpful. When we got back home master (who also didn’t understand) was very cross with me, so I kept well out of his way for the rest of the day. Anyhow hopefully they have both forgotten about it by now.

Mistress seems to be acting very strange at the moment. Every time we go out to play, when we come back in, we get our feet washed. I think it must be some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. I personally don’t mind too much as we get a biscuit each time but Smudge hates it. Lets just hope she grows out of it.

He is at it again – Smudge

Smudge in bed at our pet friendly holiday cottages

A Responsible Job

He is at it again. We were all busy working at our peak district cottages (or at least master and mistress were) when we suddenly got a phone call from some walkers. Idiot brother had attached himself to them and was half way to Over Haddon. Mistress had to go and fetch him. Master was not very impressed.  Why does he do it? I don’t know.  We are well looked after. We have plenty of  fields to play in. We are well fed. Well actually now you come to mention it, food is a bit of a sore point. Mistress thinks we are well fed but I don’t. I think we are starved and it should be a criminal offence not to give a dog more food. But I digress. All in all there is no need for him to run off. I think the problem is he is so stupid he just forgets what he is doing and as he knows the way just tags along. Although the walkers said he was leading them rather than following them – idiot.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking for idiot brother

Anyhow he is definitely in Master and Mistress’s bad books.

While out with mistress yesterday, I caught a mouse. Well when I say ‘I caught it’ it might be a bit of an exaggeration, as it  wasn’t doing a lot of moving. I was very proud of myself and was just about to eat it when mistress whipped it away from me. Luckily she dropped it a few seconds later so I ate it before she could stop me. Its about time I got some decent food into me. She was not very happy.

Its been a lot warmer over the last week so my skills as a fire/duvet dog have not been required. In order to keep ‘occupied’ I have had to find an alternative occupation. After much thought, I have decided to keep the corner of the kitchen occupied as it seemed a bit lonely.  Again a very responsible job that I have been taking very seriously.

Smudge in oune of our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me inspecting master's work

Master has been getting on well with his work in Magpie cottage. As you can see from the photo I have been in to check on his work (and to keep idiot brother out of his way).

A stop-go-stop walk – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me trying to see what Mistress is looking at

Well it has all been activity at our (click here). Master is hard at work putting new carpets down in loads of the cottages and Mistress is busy washing curtains and generally spring cleaning the cottages. No one seem to have much time for us. I try to help were I can, but do try and remember my new years resolution of ‘not getting in the way’. Smudge doesn’t seem to worry too much as it gives him an excuse to curl up and go to sleep.

Anyhow Sunday it was decided, as it was a nice day, we would go for a walk over on Stanton Moor. We have been before, but it was quite some time ago. We started from Rowsley then went up to the Moor via Stanton on Peak. Luckily there were none of those vicious sheep or cows lurking in any of the fields so it was a reasonably worry free walk.  The funniest part was when walking up one of the steep  section of road mistress found that she was walking on ice. (Now I need to tell you that mistress is terrified of slipping – I think she broke an arm when she was a puppy).

A view from Stanto near our pet friendly holiday cottages

A view towards Haddon Hall and Bakewell

To all our amazement, rather than slowly walk off the ice (as master did) she got down on all fours (just like us) and crawled off the ice.  The disappointing thing is that master was laughing so much he forgot to take a photo. One of the problems with this walk is that apparently you get spectacular views towards Bakewell and Haddon Hall. You can also see where we live on the far hillside.  So of course mistress had to stop every few minutes. Why? I have no idea!  But it did give us some time to put some serious crow chasing time in. The walk although relatively short took us hours.

Smudge and blue near our peak district cottages

Us at the Nine Ladies STONES

Smudge nearly got into trouble when we got to the Nine Ladies Standing Stones (a listed monument).  They just looked like stones to us so Smudge went to do what any dog would do. Master stopped him and gave him a good telling off but we are still not altogether sure why. We stopped for lunch (or they stopped for lunch) near the Standing Stones where we at least got a few tidbits. The walk back down was uneventful and mistress didn’t have to imitate us at any point (two legs good four legs better). We then got left in the car while mistress went off to do some retail therapy at the Peak Village outlet centre (where we had parked).

Happy New Year – Blue and Smudge

A happy new year from both of us.

Smudge and blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Us enjoying a moment in front of the fire

Our New Years Resolutions:

Smudge – Make sure I get more food, keep idiot brother under better control, make sure I get more food.

Blue – try and keep out of master’s way when he is working, try and not be so scared of sheep, try not to be so scared of cows.