Christmas and all that – Smudge

smudge at our  pet friendly holiday cottages

Do I have to play!

Its still a bit cold here at ourcottages (click here) so I am still keeping a careful eye on the fire (and the duvet). Unfortunately we do get thrown outside every now and then. Master and Mistress have had a few days off and their friends came over for Christmas. Their friend is allergic to us so we usually get banished to the kitchen which is hardly fair when it is so cold and there is an ample supply of tit-bits around. Luckily he did not seem to be quite as bad as he used to be, so we were allowed in the lounge for some of the evenings. I personally think he is allergic to idiot brother rather than me. After all its not me doing all the running around and jumping all over people. I just lie by the fire keeping my head down.

Smude at Chatsworth House near our peak district cottages

Me at Chatsworth near the frozen waterfall

We got taken for a very cold walk round Chatsworth just before Christmas. Mistress wanted to see the Christmas decorations in the house.  In the  garden all the waterfalls and cascade etc were frozen which shows how cold it has been. We didn’t get to see round the house as they don’t allow dogs. Well I can’t blame them for not allowing idiot brother in but I don’t see why I couldn’t have gone in to keep warm. Anyhow mistress enjoyed it (have a look at master’s YouTube video) . Of course on the way home  Mistress  made us  stop off at the Chatsworth farm Shop – just so see what there was on special offer! I don’t know why, as we never seem to get anything from there. I don’t think they do dog food and the chance of us getting some proper meat is a bit thin on the ground.

On Christmas Day we all walked down to the Lathkil pub for a pre Christmas lunch drink. We had to sit outside while they went into the nice warm bar.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Us making helpful suggests about where the scraps could go.

Why do people think dogs are happy sitting outside in the cold. I wasn’t!

On Boxing Day we went for a nice long walk over to Youlgrave via Over Haddon. This is the walk where idiot brother hurt his paw during the summer. No such luck this time. We did quite well at lunch time although with all the spare food around I am sure there could have been a lot more for us.

A few of our dog friends have gone today but a few more have arrived so that is OK.

Getting ready for Christmas – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Ok so I will do the Christmas thing!

Well it has been all go here at our peak district cottages. Mistress has been rushing around putting up Christmas trees and decorations in all our cottages and master has been desperately trying to finish off all the pre Christmas maintenance work and get the outside Christmas lights up. Master has been fitting new carpets in the cottages which I don’t think he likes doing as he is always grumpy when doing that job. So we keep well away from him. Every now and then I try to see if I can help but usually just get yelled at. He wasn’t very happy with putting the lights up either. He kept complaining about it been too cold. Well it was a bit cold but not that bad.

Carpet cutting at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Master cutting carpet

Unfortunately no snow at the moment which is a bit of a shame but I live in hope. You rarely see Smudge outside at this time of year.  He claims to be ‘looking after the fire’. Yeh! I bet. He is just lazy. Me I am here, there and everywhere trying to help with whatever is going on.

We have lots of friends coming over Christmas so that should be fun (especially if we have snow like last year).  Smudge just sees other dogs arriving as a possible opportunity for some more food. Unfortunately for him mistress always warns everyone about him but he still does a daily round of all the cottages just in case.

The Snow has gone – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'outside' in the snow

Thank goodness. The snow has gone from our (click here).  I was not impressed. But at least I managed to keep out of its way for most of the time. As chief  ‘log fire observer’ I had a very responsible job of lying in front of the fire making sure it didn’t go out. Idiot brother of course was forever wanting to go out and ‘play’. Me – I was happy with my job. I did get thrown outside every now and then which was a bit unfortunate.  How I am supposed to keep an eye on the fire if I am not there I don’t know.

Sheep arriving at our pet friendly holiday cottages

The Sheep arrive.

Now the snow has gone the vicious sheep are back. I hope they are more friendly than last year. Anyhow just in case I am staying well clear of them. There looks to be a lot more than last year – that could be really bad news! They gang up on us and idiot brother is no help as he is as scared of them as he is of the cows.

I had a bit of an accident today. There I was taking the short cut from the top garden to the bottom garden via the pond. Something I have been doing for the last two weeks. Problem is no one told me that the ice on the pond was a lot thinner than it was a few days ago. Half way across and I found myself in freezing cold water. Now I don’t like water at the best of times but when it is freezing cold its even worse. Luckily idiot brother wasn’t around to see me. Unfortunately mistress was. Instead of giving me a reassuring cuddle when I got out I  was whisked away and hosed down which was as bad as falling in the pond in the first place. Mistress said I smelled. I thought it was quite a fetching smell. Oh well no accounting for taste.  She did redeem herself by suggesting I warm myself in front of the Log f ire which I did for the rest of the day.

Fun fun fun in the snow – blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me having fun in the Snow

The snow is back again at our (click here).  Great fun. All the guests have been playing with me in the snow. The best game is – ‘catch the snow before it hits the ground’. This can be snow flakes or snow off shovels or people kicking the snow. I can spend hours playing this game. I managed to get one of our guests to play for at least 30 mins (he was outside on his  phone so I suppose I kept him warm). Master isn’t as much fun. If he is shovelling snow (and he seems to do a lot of that at the moment) he usually just yells at me or sends me inside. What fun is that.  He needs to chill out a bit. Trying to play with Smudge of course is pointless. He just wants to go inside and lie by the fire – what kind of dog is that! All this snow and he wants to be inside. Me – I love it .

blue in snow drift at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me sitting in a snow drift

Wednesday was the best day. We were blocked in for a few hours until Andrew (the farmer) came up and dug out the snow from our bottom gate.  The snow was so deep that even master nearly disappeared. I had a go at walking over it but decided it was a bit cold covered in snow. Smudge just watched. We were outside most of the day helping people leave or just generally clearing snow away from cottages so people could get in.

We have been having great fun with master’s new toy (his new 4*4).

blue in the new car at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me about to take a spin in the new car

We took mistress and some guests down town for emergency rations and some guests over to Monyash to let them walk back. I like the new car. Its much more comfortable than the old one and master doesn’t complain all the time.  We even managed to get Smudge in for a ride although he did sit there very grumpy looking.

Mistress hasn’t been very happy with the snow.  Like Smudge she doesn’t like it at all. It has disrupted a number of our guests. Some have cancelled and others stayed on for another few nights.  I must admit that with the sun out the countryside surrounding our cottages and the hills in the distance did look spectacular (and I am just a dog). Mistress has been taking 100s of photos (as she does). You can see master’s slideshow/video of all the snow at

Blue playing in the snow at out pet friendly holiday cottages

Me playing my favourite game