A walk along Baslow Edge – Smudge

Smudge on baslow edge near our peak district cottages

Me soaking up the the rays.

Sunday and a glorious day at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages. It was announced that we would be going for a walk along Baslow Edge (you can see the Edge from our front garden). Of course it meant a trip in the CAR but all for a good cause.  Once out of the car and walking towards the Edge from Baslow we were allowed off our leads and we could check out the fauna and flora and any unsuspecting wild life.  Idiot brother was relieved to find there were no cows or sheep around so he was happy.  It made for a very pleasant walk/run up to the edges.  When we go to the top there was a strange thing circling just over the cliff face.  Idiot brother started barking and trying to chase it which resulted in us being put back on our leads.

Smudge on Baslow edge

Me with the Edge in the background

It turns out the circling thing was a model glider. Master use to fly model gliders so he went over to talk to the person. Unfortunately this resulted in idiot brother barking all the more and he had to be frog marched away.

A little later we settled down to lunch just as one of master’s photographic friends came past with his family and dog. So we said hello to them before continuing  concentrating on lunch.  We did get a few bits but not as much as we would have liked.  From were we were sitting on the top of the Edge we could easily make out Bolehill Farm in the distance. Whenever we are out locally, mistress always wants to try and find where the Holiday Cottages are. Sometimes it is dead easy to see them other times it seems to take her ages. She is, however, getting better at spotting the trees behind the cottages etc.

Baslow edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Baslow edge

After  lunch idiot brother found something else to bark at.  Some hang gliders were in the air. We hadn’t spotted them while we concentrating on lunch but once we came round the rock we were sitting behind – there they were. This set idiot brother off again.  So we were but back on our leads for the rest of the walk along the edge (I gave idiot brother  a nip on his ankle just to show how annoyed I was with him).  Once we came down from the Edge heading back to the car we were allowed off the lead again. We finished the walk reasonably early so we took mistress to the Chatsworth Farm Shop for some retail therapy.

Chatsworth Sculptures Again – Blue

Blue at Chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me posing by the Damien Hirst statue

On Monday it was decided that we would all be  dragged round the Chatsworth House Sculpture exhibition (in the gardens) the next day.  Tuesday dawned at our peak district cottages all horrible and miserable so the trip was called off. Thank goodness for that.  So we relaxed. Smudge found his favourite duvet spot and I curled up in the hall ready for for some serious ‘down time’. Then all of a sudden at about 1:00PM it was announced that we were going after all.  When we looked  out it had brightened up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. So off we went.  Of course we have to be on our best behaviour and on our leads when we are in Chatsworth Gardens. It would be right to be seen to be messing around in the Duchesses back garden.  Mistress always loves the Gardens – especially at this time of year as all the leaves are changing colour.

Chatsworth sculptures near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Bad hair day at Chatsworth

The sculptures were as strange as they are every year.  I am sure I have seen some of the bits they use in masters garage. The walk round the grounds was pleasant even if we were on our leads.  Its difficult chasing squirrels when on a lead. We got the usual attention from people around the gardens especially the ladies where I was made to pose in front of the Damien Hirst statue.

As we had managed to get round the grounds in record time (thanks to master frog marching us around) there was time for afternoon tea at the Stables before we were bundled into the car and abandoned while master and mistress went off to look round the house (they don’t let dogs in the house).  We settled down for a snooze.

Sculpture at chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

A sculpture at Chatsworth

When we got back to Bolehill farm we found that all the COWs had been moved from our fields – freedom at last!  No cows to  watch out for.

If you want to see some more of master’s photographs of Chatsworth 2010 sculptures please have a look at http://www.bolehillfarm.co.uk/photo/chatsworth_sculpture2010/index.html. I personally wouldn’t bother but he likes to think he can take photos so please hum0r him.

Afternoon tea and a walk – Smudge

Smudge at Hassop station near our peak district cottages

Me sunning myself at Hassop

Not a very exciting week at our (click here). Everyone busy working and in general ignoring us. But Sunday looked like a we might get taken out.  That was until master decided it was a bit too misty for walking and anyway he had better finish of the last of the Tax returns and VAT etc.  I am glad that us dogs don’t have to go through all this nonsense. Give us a bed and feed us once (or preferably twice or three) times a day and we are happy. No paper work for us. Luckily it did brighten up later in the afternoon so it was decided we would take mistress out for afternoon tea at the newly opened Hassop Old Station Coffee shop.

Shilrey sunning herself at Hassop near our peak district cottages

Mistress enjoying her afternoon tea

Oh dear, that would mean only one thing – a trip in the CAR!   This looked bad! But I was slightly encouraged by the fact that mistress picked up our leads. They have done the old station up to be a smart new coffee shop and bookshop.

Anyway off we went. Luckily it was nice and warm so we were allowed to sit outside with master and mistress on the station platform. I therefore managed to get a pleasant 1/2 hour lie in the sun while mistress had her afternoon tea. No tidbits for us though – again! Then off we went for a walk (at long last) along the Monsal Trail towards Great Longstone.

The Monsal tarin near our peak district cottages

The Monsal trail near Hassop

It was quite busy so we had lots of new friends to say hello to and lots of interesting smells in the verges etc.  Although we were allowed of our leads we did keep  getting called back when we strayed a bit too far.  Not sure why,  as were are not stupid. We could find our way back if we wanted to.  Idiot brother was happy as he didn’t have cows and those  vicious sheep things to worry about.  You don’t tend to find them on the trails.

A day out at last – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages peak district

Me guarding OUR En-suite

Well actually not much of a day out. We don’t seem to have been taken out from our (click here) for ages.  Everyone has been so busy doing things that they seem to have forgotten about us. Anyway yesterday we got taken out. We knew it wasn’t good when we were bundled into the car without the preliminary sandwich making etc.  Smudge of course had to be dragged into the car. Anyhow it turns out we were off to Chesterfield to choose the floor tiles for mistress’s new laundry room. Whoopie! Of course this didn’t include us helping to choose. No one ever asks a dog their opinion and lets face it we have a more intimate contact with the floor than mistress does. We like it nice and snug and not too slippery. On the way  master took mistress for a morning coffee at a little farm cafe shop that has loads of farm animals running around (including funny looking cows they call Llamas).

The Bakewell Photographic society in our peak district cottages game area

Choosing pictures in our games room

Now I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to let us have some exercise (chasing the funny looking cows might have been fun). But oh no we were abandoned in the car while they went off for a coffee. Smudge just went to sleep but I kept a watchful eye on those things that looked like funny cows and chickens wandering about.

Last night master was hosting the local Photographic Society  regional photograph selection evening in our games room so we popped in to help. Everyone was very friendly but they did keep shooing us out of the way.  Smudge got a bit of a biscuit so he was happy.

Shirley inspecting the new games room

Mistress inspects her new laundry room

All the main building work on mistresses new laundry is now complete and the builder has moved on to what has now been defined as OUR en-suite. I wonder if this means we can choose the flooring etc. Anyhow we are looking forward to getting our en suite (whatever one of those is).