A busy few days – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Just checking on progress

Its been a busy few days at our peak district cottages. People coming and going, builders coming and going and friends arriving and departing.  We have had loads of attention (but not much food).  It all started on Friday when the electricians arrived to start putting wiring things  into mistresses new Laundry.  I think master must have got to them before me as they weren’t very forthcoming with the tidbits at lunch time.  I have given up on the builder there just doesn’t seem to be any hope of food there at all. On Saturday morning there was a major flurry of activity as master and the handyman pulled in cables from the old extension to the new. We tried to help but kept getting told off and that we were in the way. Then in the afternoon master & mistress’s friends from Yorkshire arrived.  This is usually bad news for us, as he is allergic to dogs. Well he is probably allergic to idiot brother but then who wouldn’t be. But luckily we were at least allowed into the lounge (we usually get relegated to the kitchen). They had come up for a CAR rally.  Why would anyone want to sit in a CAR all day. I don’t understand.

The new laundry area at our peak district cottages

The new extension

Sunday wasn’t too good as master is still doing the Tax returns. So we kept out of his way. Later in the afternoon mistress’s sister and partner arrived so we said hello to them. There was 6 around the table for a Chinese meal which seemed very promising from a tidbit point of view but turned out to be hopeless.  We hung around but the best we got was a small piece of prawn cracker.  All that food and none for us – we could have at least helped a little bit.

The electricians are back again today so I will see what lunchtime turns up.

Bad day with cows – Blue

Blue at our peak distict pet friendly holiday cottages

Me checking on building progress

They’r back.  I thought I had got rid of the cows for this year from our cottages (click here) fields. I thought they had all been moved round to the ‘promised land’ but they seem to have been let back into OUR front field again.  Soon be winter, then we can be rid of them.  Mistress won’t be happy. For some reason she seems to like having the damn things around.  Smudge of course just ignores them – too stupid to realise how vicious they can be.  I will bide my time. At least they can’t get at me in the garden.

The weekend was a non event. Master and mistress were doing their ‘Tax Returns’.  This is always bad, as master is always gets grumpy when he is doing these. So we kept a low profile and tried not to annoy him too much. This was a bit difficult as Smudge kept trying to get me into trouble but we survived the day.

The new Laundry at Bolehill peak district cottages

The new Laundry area

Mistress’s Laundry building work is progressing.  The roof has started to go on, so it won’t be long before we have a finished building.  Today they bashed a hole in the wall into OUR room.  It looked for a while as though we were going to have a cold night but luckily the builder has blocked up the hole with some insulation. I assume a bigger hole will appear tomorrow when they knock the door out so we can get into the new shower/toilet area.

Building work at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Building work on the new Laundry

Building work at our peak district cottages

Building work on the new Laundry

A walk from Hartington – Smudge

Smudge in Wolfscote dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in Wolfscote Dale

My leg is a lot better. I am not sure what I did but I probably over did it last weekend chasing those damn balloons.  Not that I got a lot of sympathy from anyone. Idiot brother just kept on about how unfit I was and master just kept saying it was my own fault.  Mistress was the only one with any sympathy so I stuck close to her just in case sympathy turned into food (It didn’t). As Sunday was a nice day and my leg was better it was decided that we would go for a walk from Hartington (about 4-5 miles from our (click here)). Mistress  also wanted to go to see the well dressings (I think it is the last one of the year). So we parked up in Hartington then went a walk around the village to see the well dressings.

Smudge crossing bridge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me making sure mistress gets across the bridge OK

From the village  we headed down Beresford Dale and to Wolfscote Dale (heading towards Dove Dale).  All started off fine until it started to rain. Idiot brother and myself hadn’t really noticed but master started wingeing that he was getting wet. So we had to sit under a tree for 10 boring minutes before we were allowed out into the field again.  The best fun was when we got to a field full of cows. Its always interesting to see what idiot brother will do with cows around.  As expected he wouldn’t go through them.  I thought master was going to have to drag him through but before he  could get hold of him idiot brother had run up the side of the hill and around the top and back down and was waiting by the stile for us  – well away from the cows. Idiot! We just walked through them without any problem.

part of Wolfscote dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Wolfscote Dale.

We stopped for our (or their) lunch on the hill side over looking the river.  It was a bit steep for my liking. It was difficult to make sure I was close enough to the food and put on my cute look without sliding down the hill side.  I think master chose the spot on purpose.  We didn’t do too bad for tidbits though.  The walk then took us up Biggin Dale and back round to Hartington.  Of course when we got back to Hartington we had to stop for mistress’s afternoon tea.  Nothing for us of course.

The builder is getting on well with mistresses extension. It looks like the roof bit is going on today. I am still not getting much joy with tidbits from the builder though. I think that source of food has dried up.  The joiner is here today so maybe I will have better luck with him.

The Red Arrows and 21 Balloons – Blue

Blue at chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me with The Red Arrows over Chatsworth House

Well what an exciting afternoon and evening.  Mistress had been going on about going over to Chatsworth House (about 4.5 miles from our cottages (click here)) to watch the Red Arrows (the Country Fair was on) all week. We thought they were something to do with Red Indians so couldn’t understand what she was so excited about.  So to keep her quite it was decided we would park at the old Bakewell station and walk over the hill to Chatsworth and sit and watch the Red Indians with their arrows from the hill side.  So off we went with our (or their) picnic.  The walk up from Bakewell takes you across the Golf course were we were under strict orders to behave. Once clear of the greens we were allowed to run off up the hill to await mistress (master keeps up quite well but mistress is hopeless). We had to cross a couple of fields with vicious looking sheep in them (so I kept close to master just in case) and then through the last set of trees to emerge looking down on Chatsworth House.  We have been here a number of times so master knew where best to sit to watch the Indians. Master and mistress settled down to have the first part of their picnic.  We wandered around chasing butterflies etc.  Then all of a sudden there was an almighty roar down the valley as the ‘Red Arrows’ came into sight over the House.  So that is what the Red Arrows are.  How were we supposed to know.  Anyhow for 30 minutes the sky was full of little red dots zipping here and there and lots of coloured smoke .

Balloons at chatsworth house near our peak district cottages

Balloons at Chatsworth House

Smudge and I did our best to try and tell them to go away as they were making such a noise.  But every time we barked at them we got very disapproving looks from both master and mistress.  In the end we did manage to chase to them off because they did disappear.  Mistress was so excited with it all that we got all sorts of tidbits from the rest of the picnic.  So we decided we liked the Red Arrows.

After our picnic we were about to start back when mistress spotted that there were some balloons about to lift off from Chatsworth, so we sat down again to watch them.  In the end we counted 21 balloons in all.  Now you might recall how Smudge doesn’t like balloons very much (especially if they are coming over OUR land).

The red Arrows displaying near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The Red Arrows at Chatsworth

The red arrows at chatsworth near our peak district cottages

The Red Arrows over Chatsworth

So when he spotted the first balloon he went racing across the fields barking at it (about 500yards) to be crossly called back by master. When he got back to us he turned round to notice the balloons again and went racing back across the field to be called back again.  It just shows how thick he is.  He must have done this about half a dozen times – it became a spectator sport and master nearly fell over laughing.  Maybe we could have put a bet on how far he would get before coming back.  Anyway after about an hour all the balloons had gone and Smudge had calmed down so it was decided we would head off back before it got dark.

When we got back we found that all our guests at Bolehill Farm had been watching the Red Arrows display from the cottages as they  had been regrouping overhead.  They didn’t get the entertainment of watching Smudge though.

Smudge is pretending to limp this morning (except when there is any food in the offing) so he obviously over did it yesterday.  What an idiot.