Another set of Gardens – Smudge

Smudge in a Bakewell garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in ANOTHER garden

Its been quite an uneventful week at our cottages (click here).  The builder has been forging ahead with mistresses extension and we have had friends coming and going but nothing particularly exciting.  Master has been grumbling about the cost of the extension – so no change there  (I think it is because he is a Yorkshireman).

Today started off a bit wet so we all wondered if we would get out at all.  The afternoon looked fine so mistress announced we were going down to look round the Bakewell open gardens. Me and idiot brother just looked at each other – MORE GARDENS. Well at least we will get to be taken out.

Smudge in a Bakewell garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

I am sure I saw it move

Haven’t we done enough gardens this year? So off we went in the CAR. As usual with gardens there is a lot of stopping for mistress to ‘admire views etc’. Very boring.  When we had finished with the gardens it was decided that we had to take mistress for afternoon tea.  So into the main part of town we went.  For a moment I thought we might be going to my favourite shop.

Our extension at our pet friendly cottages - bolehill farm

Progress with the extension

They always used to give me a doggy treat (or two) every time I went in. Mistress says the shop is under new ownership. But that doesn’t stop them handing out treats does it? But NO.  They wouldn’t let me in to find out. As usual we had to sit by while mistress and master had a very nice looking tea and cake at our usual spot in Bakewell.  Then it was back home in time for a bit of swallow chasing in the front fields. I guess it won’t be long before they head south for warmer climates leaving us here to chase the crows (which aren’t as much fun at all).

A new strategy with cows – Blue

Blue and Shirley Looking twards Chatsworth house

Me and mistress admiring the view

As it was such a nice day it was decided we would go for a walk over by Chatsworth which is only about 5 miles away from our cottages (click here).  We parked at Rowsley and started the walk heading to Calton Lees and on to Chatsworth.  All went well for about a mile then we came across a massive herd of cows.  Now I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks, so I thought now is the time to put my plan into action. So I feinted to the right (or “Go Away” in sheepdog language) and then when they started to move towards me, as I assumed they would (they are almost as thick as Smudge), I quickly outflanked them by running back round and going to the left (or “Come Bye”).   It did the trick and I was round them and over the stile before they realised. Smudge of course just walked through them.  Rather him than me.

View towards Chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

View up the valley towards Chatsworth

The rest of the walk, before we stopped for lunch, was uneventful. Other than the constant stopping for mistress  ‘to admire the view’.  We (or more precisely they) had lunch  overlooking Chatsworth House.  I am glad we hadn’t gone to Chatsworth for the day as from where we were, it looked very busy. Unusually for lunch stops, we actually got quite a few tit-bits.

After lunch we headed up over the hills towards the Haddon Estate were we had a brief encounter with some SHEEP.  My new plan for sheep is to stay as close to master as possible.  This is based on the assumption he isn’t going to be too pleased with a sheep getting too near to him and will get rid of it.  Anyhow the plan seemed to work. Again Smudge just walked through the middle of them. Doesn’t he remember our last close encounter with a sheep?

Blue on footpath heading towards Rowsley near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on the path near where we found the bone biscuit.

Then the strangest of things.  On the very last leg, as we were approaching Rowsley, Smudge found a dog bone biscuit left in plain sight on the path.  I think he was so shocked he didn’t just wolf it down in one as he is prone to do.  Luckily this gave master time to get to it and break it in half so we both got some.  Very strange but  – hey don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Mugged in Lathkill Dale – Smudge

Smudge overlooking Lathkill Dale near our peak district cottages

Me relaxing after my mugging -

As it was such a nice evening mistress decided we would go for a picnic at our favourite spot over looking Lathkill Dale (about 1 mile from our cottages (click here)).  It seems like an age since we last had a picnic (always a possibility of tit bits on a picnic). So off we went. Unfortunately this meant a short journey in the CAR.  But it wasn’t too bad. Then a walk down into the bottom of the dale and along to Conksbury bridge.  Once we are down in the dale we are allowed off our leads so we can run about.  Down by the cascades we came across a sheep with a couple of her lambs.  Idiot brother was immediately a bit wary but I took no notice of them.  Then I realised they were approaching us.  OK – I thought – maybe they want a chat.  Next thing I know I am being chased up the dale and butted in a the bum by a very angry sheep.  Idiot brother is no where to befound.  Having seen what was going on he had run off back the way we had come.  In the end I managed to get away from the vicious thing and got back to mistress.

Lathkill Dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lathkill Dale in the evening

Master was no help as he was in stitches and nearly crying.  What was so funny, I could have been seriously injured? What did we do to upset it?  We were only walking in the dale minding our own business.  Is there a crime in that? Anyhow master had to walk most of the way  back up the dale to find idiot brother, put him on a lead and bring him back to where mistress and I were. The vicious sheep had wondered off by this time  (good riddance to the thing).

The picnic was as enjoyable as ever.  There are always lots of swallows for us to chase at this spot.  So we enjoyed ourselves even if we didn’t get many tit bits as we were too busy running about.

By the way.  I wasn’t that scared during the thunder storm last week.  I was just following master  and mistress around to make sure they were OK.  At least I didn’t get myself locked in the toilet, like idiot brother.

Lots to do at Ashover Show – Blue

Blue at the Ashover Show near our peak district cottages

Can we have one of these -

Everyone that was anybody was at Ashover Show on Wednesday. Well we were there and a few people we know were there although we never saw them.  As it was a nicish day it was decided that we would go to the Ashover Show about 20 minutes from our cottages (click here). The last time we were taken there was about 4 years ago.  Its a far better show than the Bakewell Show as it is all about farming rather than shopping and therefore far more fun and far more dogs to talk to.  Although there were quite a few of those vicious sheep and cows about they were all firmly behind fences (where they should be).  So what with all the other dogs we met and all the attention we got from passers by it was quite a nice day although it did rain a little bit and master grumbled about it being cold.

Ashover Show near our peak district cottages

I could do better than this

I tried to convince mistress that I could do the dog agility better than the dogs that were there but she just ignored me.  The tractors and machines all looked exciting. Especially the tractors, as they looked a lot bigger than the tractor I am use to riding on.  Of course we weren’t allowed in the food tent which is typical.  Of course mistress spent ages, unsupervised, in there as per normal.

Shire Horse at the Ashover show near our holiday cottages

It looked a bit big to me

Yesterday there was a bit of a thunder storm and just in case master mentions it – I wasn’t ‘hiding’ in the toilet!  I had gone in  to see if anyone was scared of the thunder and needed my help.  How was I to know there was a door closer on the door – I have never been in there before.  During the storm Smudge of course was his normal wimpy self and when the lights went out for a few seconds he was just a gibbering wreck (not really a very good advert for a collie at all).

Onions at the Ashover show near our derbyshire cottages

They don't look very inviting do they

How was I supposed to know – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me guarding the new stone -

How was I supposed to know I wasn’t supposed to step in the sand.  Was there a notice up? Did anyone tell me? Was there a fence round it? NO! So you can’t blame me for stepping in it.  I am sure the builder can smooth it out again even if he did look a bit cross. I couldn’t even try and blame idiot brother as everyone saw me – oops!

Apart from the odd incident (not always me) things are going well with the building work for mistress’s laundry area at our cottages (click here). Drains are in and they are about to put the floor down.  Master seems happy with progress  although he has been complaining about a bad back for the last few days.  Something about lifting stone when he went to the quarry to pick up the facing stone. His bad back meant we didn’t get a proper walk this Sunday (I knew this walk thing was too good to be true) although he has still been zipping down town and all over with idiot brother to pick up bits.

Collecting stone near our pet friendly cottages

Collecting the stone from the Quarry -

I think master must have had a word with the builder as all of a sudden I don’t seem to be getting tit-bits at lunch time. Unless I annoyed him by standing in his sand! Idiot brother never caught on but I have a feeling master may have spotted me disappearing every lunch time.

Lost on Longstone Edge – Blue

Blue in one of the fields near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in a field near Great Longstone

We went for another walk from our peak district cottages on Sunday.  This is becoming a regular event which can’t be bad.  This time we went off to Great Longstone (a few miles from our pet friendly Holiday cottages), then up to Longstone Edge and along the edge then back down.  All went well (including no cows) until we came to a junction that wasn’t on mistresses map.  This is not usually a problem as master has a SAT NAV gadget that tells us exactly where we are. Except this time its batteries were flat.  Very useful.  Anyhow we headed off in the general direction but as there were so many paths (due to all the quarrying over the years) it got very confusing.  Not that we cared.  It was good to be off our leads and allowed to run around.  Smudge is usually pretty good at finding the correct route but even he was a bit lost this time.  After about 30 mins we ran (well we ran but master and mistress walked) into a Park Ranger and asked her where we were. As it turned out we were only about 10-20 yards from where we were supposed to be.  Once we went up the next bank there we were.  The way back was a bit more fraught as we had to go through a field with what I thought were cows. As it turned out they were horses but better safe than sorry. Lunch wasn’t too bad, at least we got the odd tit-bit and we didn’t stop on the way back for mistress’ afternoon tea (this must be a record – twice in succession without afternoon tea on the way home).

Shirley Checking the room size

Mistress checking her laundry room size -

The building work is going well and me and master are zipping here and there picking up bits from building merchants and timber yards etc.  For some reason Smudge seem to disappear about lunch time and then wander back half an hour later looking very satisfied with himself.  I am going to have to follow him to see what he is up to.