Very Confusing – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking a bit wind swept

This week its all been a bit confusing here at our cottages (click here) . We have had another Collie friend staying that is called ‘BLUE’.  One collie called ‘Blue’ I can just about cope with.  But two!!!  Idiot brother didn’t seem too concerned about it, but I got very confused.  He seemed more interested in the children we have staying this week.  They seem to like him and have been calling at the door for him. Don’t ask me why they should like such an idiot.  He doesn’t look as cute as me and he certainly isn’t as handsome. But that’s kids for you.

I am still getting on well with the builders although we now only have one who is doing the main work.  He isn’t quite as generous  with his lunch as the previous ones but I am still hopeful.  We now have the footings in and the first layer of blocks built.  I did try and  get rid of idiot brother into the footings but there always seemed to be someone around.  I am sure they would never have found him especially once the cement had set. Never mind I am sure there will be another opportunity.

The footings going in at our pet friendly holiday cottages

there was always some one watching -

I had another of  ‘those’ trips down town with mistress this morning which meant going in the CAR.  Town was busy which was great as there were more dogs to talk to and people to pat me.  At one point and for one horrible moment I thought we were going to the vets but luckily mistress was going to the wine shop that is next door. So that was a relief.

Trouble with Cows – Blue

Blue on a wall near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me Checking for Cows -

It was a reasonably nice day at our cottages (click here) so it was decided we would all take a break and go for a walk.  Off we went, with Smudge doing his normal ‘I am not happy being in the car’ , over to the upper end of the Dove Valley (10 mins from our cottages).  We parked up and off we went. The first half of the walk was great as we were off our leads for most of the time .  Even the stop for lunch was better than normal as we managed to get a few tit-bits from Mistress (nothing from Master).

Upper dove valley near Longnor

Upper Dove Valley -

It all went a bit wrong as we were heading off downhill after lunch.  I noticed we were about to go through a bunch of very tough looking cows (a few even had horns).  So I jumped over the wall to get out of the way. BIG mistake. I jumped straight into the middle of another bunch of cows that didn’t seem particularly happy to see me. So back I jumped again.  I then decided that if I stick very closely to master they might not get me.  Anyway in the end we go through them and everything was fine for a few more fields.  The next lot we came to looked even bigger and more menacing than the last lot so I decided I wasn’t going to risk it.  Mistress  etc all disappeared across the field as I popped over a bridge and started to follow them on the other side of the river (no cows – brilliant).  Then I realised that I couldn’t get back to the others as there was a river in the way (I am not really a water dog so I wasn’t going to swim).  I got very confused.  Master had to walk back to the bridge and call me. I was then unceremoniously put on my lead and lead through the cows.  Luckily by hiding behind master they didn’t see me.  The rest of the walk was fine.  Amazingly mistress didn’t have an afternoon tea when we got back to Longnor which must be the first time we have been there and not been to the tea room.

Its all very exciting – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in the rubble -

Its all very exciting at our cottages (click here). The builders are now here and there is lots going on.  I like builders.  They always seem to have a bit of spare sandwich for me (I haven’t told idiot brother yet so I  get it all for myself).  Walls are coming down and diggers are zipping backwards and forwards.  The only problem is trying to keep idiot brother out of trouble.  He constantly wants to try and be in the thick of it (ie in the way).  Well with any luck they will bury him, then we can all have some peace.

More digging at our pet friendly holiday cottages

More digging

Mistress is all excited that she might have her new laundry in the near future.  Master is all excited as there are plenty of things for him to check on. And I am excited as there are more tit-bits around than normal.

A boring week then more gardens – Blue

Blue in Winster near our pet friendly cottages

Me - Bored to tears

As it has been a little wet at our cottages (click here) we have been kept in most of the week. We did get the odd respite to nip out to check that those cows were behaving themselves but that was about all.  It was quite fun when the ‘hooligans’ (young calves) were let into our field because they had wrecked the wall in their field (typical).  They are far more fun to wind up then the older ones.  Mistress wasn’t too pleased when she found two of them eating their way through her garden.  How they got in I don’t know.  I think they are too stupid to realise that the walls are there to keep them out.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to help get them out and back into the field. I am sure we could have helped.  Anyhow their field wall is mended and they are now back where they should be (and away from mistresses garden).

Winster gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Winster Gardens

On Sunday Mistress decided she wanted to go to see the Open Gardens at Winster (you can see Winster from our front garden). So off we had to trail, to go round MORE gardens. Haven’t we done enough this year.  They are very boring!  We do get the odd pat and stroke as we are going round but apart from that we are mostly very bored.  Its a garden – so what.  If there was anything to chase we wouldn’t be allowed to – so what is the point.  Of course, as usual, we had to stop for mistress to have her ‘afternoon tea’. Nothing for us.

A busy Day – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me checking the shopping -

Sunday was a very busy day at our cottages (click here).  Well not for me but for master and mistress.  I was quite exhausted by the time they had finished. Things kept getting moved around and then out to the garage and then back again.  I thought for one terrible moment that we might be moving house. But no – apparently we are having a new extension on the house which means knocking down the old laundry room (where idiot brother hides when it is thundering) and replacing it with a bigger and better Laundry/downstairs toilet and shower room.  Its all very exciting (now I know what is going on).  All the moving around was to empty the old room and move mistress’s washing machines and dryers  so she can still do the laundry while the work is carried out.  There was a very worrying moment when master announced that there was no room for our biscuits and food and they would have to go but luckily mistress found a new place for them.

The weather over the last few days has been just my kind of weather – raining and horrible.  I don’t get thrown outside in this kind of weather so I can spend longer checking out my duvet.  Mistress does sometimes try to encourage me to go out but I just give her my  ‘what -you want me to go out in that weather’ look and she lets me stay in.  Idiot brother of course has not been very happy as he is always wanting to be out – rather him than me.

Steam Train Dog – Blue

Blue at Churnet Railway

Me trying to look interested -

As it was forecast to be a bit of a wet day at our cottages (click here) it was decided that we would go to the Churnet Valley Steam railway which was about 30mins from our cottages (near Leek). The journey there was very easy although Smudge grumbled all the way. When we got there we assumed we would be going for a walk.  But oh no.  First we had to go for a coffee (well at least mistress and master did) we then had a brief walk up and down the platform and the posed photograph. Then all excitement as the steam engine arrived.  Mistress muttered something about boy’s toys and let master get on with photographing it while we watched.  Its a bit of a noisy hissy thing so we kept well away from it.

Churnet Valley Railway

Churnet Valley Railway

The journey was great fun or at least I thought so.  Smudge wasn’t too sure especially when we went through a tunnel and it went all dark until the lights came on.  We even got our own compartment.  Every time someone thought about coming into ‘our’ compartment we (smudge and me) gave them one our ‘we are vicious dogs’ looks.  So they moved on.  All in all I don’t suppose it was too bad even if we didn’t get a walk.  Master seemed to enjoy it and took loads of pictures.  When we got back to the car it was raining so it was decided that we would drop in to Leek to do some shopping.  Now I quite like shopping as there is always loads of things to see and other dogs to talk to.  For some reason we are never allowed into the shops which can be a bit of a drag but over all its not too bad. Unfortunately we were left abandoned  in the car while they went off.  Smudge was happy as he could  got some duvet time in.  Me I was not happy – all those things to see and explore and I am stuck in a car with Smudge.  Anyway they were not long and we were back home in no time.

Churnet Valley Railway

Churnet Valley Railway

Smudge on the train near our cottages

Smudge on the train

Churnet valley ticket office

Churnet valley ticket office

Down town – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in hot persuit of a swallow -

I just wasn’t quick enough!  Mistress decided she would take me down town to Bakewell (a few minutes from our cottages (click here)) and before I could dash out of the door I was in the ‘CAR’.  Now I don’t mind the town bit but the problem is that we have to go in the ‘CAR’.  So down town we went.  I have a very responsible job when I am with mistress.  As she goes into each of the food shops I am left to look after the food bags etc (which lets face it is hard for me). Mistress has told me that this is an important and responsible job as you never know who might try and take them.  In general I am very good. Just don’t mention the sausage roll incident to mistress.

After lunch we had to go out in the ‘CAR’ AGAIN.  Master needed to pick something up from Bonsall so we all had to drive over there with him (why? – I was quite happy to stay at home).  On the way back I decided I would try out the estate part of the car.  It looked a lot more spacious than my normal spot (down behind the front seats).  Well, I can report that its even worse. For one I could see where we were going (so that was bad) and secondly I got thrown all over the place.  I wish master would slow down when he gets to bends.

In the Afternoon we were treated to one of the rarest sights in Derbyshire – master cleaning the CAR.  Neither of us can remember the last time he did that – must have been some time last year or the year before.  Maybe his age is getting to him.

Two Walks – Blue

Blue on stepping stones near our pet friendly cottages

Me on the Stepping Stones -

Its unheard of. We actually got two nice long walks this week.  Smudge wasn’t too impressed as it cut down on his duvet time at our cottages (click here),  but I thought it was great.  Why can’t we do it more often?  Luckily my bad paw seems to be better.  Not sure what I did but it did hurt for a while. Not that I got any sympathy from anyone.

Why did we get two walks? Well our mistress and master’s friends were here for a few days. You know the ones that are allergic to us (i.e. we get confined to our room in an evening rather than our rightful place in the lounge). So we all went out for a couple of days walking.  The first day was over at Hathersage. We first walked along the river where I was ‘forced’ to sit and pose for my blog photo in the middle of the river.  I know there were stepping stones but even still I could have fallen in – horribly wet things rivers.  After this ordeal we then went up through Bamford over the top and back to Hathersage. All in all a very pleasant walk.

Sheep near our pet friendly cottages

4 legs good - 2 legs better

The second day we went to Ilam and walked down the Manifold River and then up over the high ground and across to Dovedale.  It was all a bit hot and the climb up from the Manifold seemed to take everyone ages – especially mistress.  She looked worn out by the time she got to the top.  There was the odd scary encounter with cows and those pesky sheep but once in the Dovedale it was safe again.  Master kept complaining about how busy it was in the dale but we enjoyed it as we kept getting petted by passers by.

As usual, when there are friends round, we get abandoned for the evening while ‘THEY’  go out for dinner.  Why can’t we go? At least we could help with the plate clearing.

One good thing.  I didn’t get invited to help with getting the cows in for the farm opposite.  Smudge was off like a shot (which is unusual for him). Why he enjoys helping with the cows is beyond me.

Dove Dale - near our pet friendly peak district cottages cottages

Dove Dale

Dove Dale - near our pet friendly cottages

Dove Dale