Glorious weather – Blue

Blue watching the cows

Me a bit too near the cows -

Well it looks like summer is here at our cottages (click here) at last.  It has been glorious although a bit hot for us in our fur coats (great in winter but not so good in summer).  It is rather nice just lying in the sun in our courtyard watching the world go round.  My tan is coming on nicely.

We were taken for a picnic on Saturday (after all our guests were checked in and we had introduced ourselves to all our new friends).  We walked over the back fields (about 10 mins) to a spot overlooking Sheldon where master and mistress had their picnic (not much for us).  Smudge had the shock of his life on the way over there.  He was checking out a particularly important smell when a sheep ran into the back of him.  He nearly died of embarrassment (especially as master was laughing his head off).  I was keeping my distance as I am not altogether sure about sheep – they can be quite intimidating when they want to be. When we got to our picnic spot I was a bit worried to find that we were in a field full of cows. Luckily they were at the other end of the field, but I kept a sharp eye on them just in case. We had a great time in the evening sun – loads of white butterflies to chase and we even got the odd tit bit of food. Unfortunately once we started packing up the cows decided they would come and investigate – so I was off.  I am not hanging around when cows are about.

On Sunday evening we had a barbecue.  The first for ages.  We always get a few tit bits during a barbecue which sort of fills a hole (even if the bits do look a bit on the black side).

Sorry there has been a Problem

Blue and smudge at our peak district cottages

Us having fun in 'OUR' fields -

We have just found out that our blog has been faulty for the last few days.  We do try to get master to check it every day but he keeps claiming he is ‘busy’ with other things at our cottages (click here).  We only spotted it when we came to add our latest post.  It has then taken a day for master to figure out what had gone wrong.  It seems OK now so paws crossed that it will remain so.

Mistress’s Birthday – Smudge

Lea Gardens 10 miles from our peak district cottages

Me showing Mistress round Lea Gardens -

As it was mistress’s birthday we got dragged round a garden  (luckily not a garden centre). As it was a beautiful day we left early and headed for Lea Gardens. Lea Gardens is a spectacular rhododendron/azalea garden about 10 miles from our peak district cottages near Critch. As it was suppose to be a special treat for mistress I had instructed idiot brother to be on his best behavior which he always finds difficult. The gardens weren’t too bad apart from the fact we had

Lea gardens

Lea Gardens

to be on our leads all the time and had to suffer the usual indignity of sitting under the table while master and mistress had morning coffee (with cake).  There was of course a lot of stopping to ‘admire the flowers’ which was a bit boring.  After Lea Gardens we were taken off to Crich Tramway museum. The tram museum is great – lots of places to explore and strange machines to  investigate.  They even allow us to ride on the trams where we always get lots of attention from the other passengers.  We were also taken a walk through the woods which was exciting even if we couldn’t chase things.

Crich Tramway Museum

Crich Tramway Museum

Its very busy at our peak district cottages. This week we have 5 friends staying  – four of them are collies like us  (three of which are regular guests who we know well).  Its always fun to run around our fields with them, show them where the best smells are and discuss what food they get.  Did you know that some dogs get fed three times a day. We only get fed once a day – no wonder I am always hungry.

A Rambling we will go – Blue

Blue in Cavedale

Me in Cavedale with Peveril Castle in the background -

Yippee another walk. This time up at Castleton (about 20-30 mins from our Bolehill Farm Peak District Cottages).  For once we were off bright and early.  Well at least before Smudge’s morning nap. We parked in Castleton then headed up towards the Caves.  As usual mistress kept stopping to ‘admire the view’ every few minutes.  At each of the caves we got plenty of attention from people waiting to go into the caves.  I put on my usual ‘I am a cute dog’ look which always seems to work.  Smudge just wandered around as usual.  After the caves we headed up hill to the top of Winnets Pass then across the moors to the top of Cavedale where we stopped for lunch.  Now I am not in general a grumbling dog (Smudge is but not me) but I am getting a bit fed up with just water when Master and Mistress get sandwiches and cake etc.  Why can’t they pack lunch for us?  I must talk to the RSPCA to see if this constitutes cruelty.  After lunch we headed down Cavedale.  This was fun until we came across some vicious looking sheep.  Luckily I managed to skirt round them without them noticing me.  Again mistress kept stopping to ‘admire the view’.  Something about Peveril Castle – it looked like a bunch of rocks to me.  After scrambling down Cavedale (mistress was a bit slow) we got to the bottom and into Castleton.  Then some bright spark suggested we go and have a look around Peveril Castle. So back up hill again.  Both Smudge and me were just hoping they wouldn’t allow dogs in so we could wait at the bottom.  No such luck. So we had to climb all the way up to the castle.  To get into the keep we had to go up a  spiral staircase which Smudge didn’t like at all.  I couldn’t see the problem myself  but you know Smudge. After wandering around the castle for 30 mins or so we were allowed to go back down. Then a quick afternoon tea for master and mistress and back to our peak district cottages.

CowDog – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Discussing who is 'Boss' -

Master was asked if he could help bring in the 130 milk cows for milking for the farm opposite to our Peak District cottages. I immediately volunteered as I am rather good at cow herding.  Idiot brother of course was nowhere to be seen. He is scared of cows (unless he is behind a fence).  As the cows were in the field nearest to us we walked down our drive and hopped over the wall.  It was a glorious evening so most of the cows seemed to want to stay out.  Master was having non of it.  So between us we started herding them towards the gate into the croft and then into the milking parlour.  Problem with cows is that they are not like sheep. With sheep once you have one moving the rest follow. Oh No – cows have a mind of their own.  Just as we got one bunch moving towards the gate another lot would decide that the grass was greener in the other direction and I would have to charge off to get them back.  Just as we had most of them into the croft one decided she wanted to have a drink from the trough which was half way back up the field.  So off we had to go to get her back.  Why can’t they just do as they are told? Anyhow after about an hour we managed to get them all in and we could have a leisurely walk back to our peak district cottages.

When we got back we (me and idiot brother) also had two balloons to keep away from OUR fields.

The whole day was a bit exhausting so I  have decided to have a duvet day today.

Police, helicopters etc – Blue

Blue as a sniffer dog

I could have found him -

Great excitement at our cottages (click here) on Wednesday evening.  All of a sudden we had 6 police cars sitting in OUR front field. Master went over to find out what they were after and came back to report that they had chased a drunken driver into one of  OUR back fields.  A few minutes later a Helicopter arrived and circled around us for about an hour (the driver had made a run for it).  Smudge was not very happy as he doesn’t like the noise from Helicopters, so he hid under the table. Me I was all for going to help them but master wouldn’t let me out. In the end the police brought a couple of very butch looking Alsatians to track the person down.  Well they were absolutely hopeless (all brawn and no brains).  I am sure I could have done better.  The police never did catch the driver.  They just impounded his car and went away. Sure Smudge and I could have found him.  Can’t be that hard can it. We did try to find him the next morning but it was too late by then.

Mistress missed all the excitement as she was at her monthly WI committee meeting.

A working Bank Holiday – Smudge

Smudge looking cool at our peak district cottages

Me looking Cool -

We have been quite busy at our Peak District Cottages this bank holiday (no break for us).  Well when I say we, I mean master and mistress.  Me and idiot brother just try and help were we can. Or to be even more precise I try to help and idiot brother gets in the way.  Master was locked in his study all weekend ‘updating the website’  – AGAIN (what does he do, it must be the third time in 6 months).  Mistress was running around checking cottages and making sure everything was OK for our new guests (and their owners). We had a number of friends to play with. But as most dogs  take their owners out for the day we only get the mornings and evenings to get acquainted.  With all the work going on around the place we didn’t get take out for any walks  (other than are normal walks around the fields).  It did, however, mean I could get some serious duvet time in. The swallows are back in force so if we get bored there is always ‘swallow chasing’ to be done.  Idiot brother over did it as normal and seems to be limping a bit.