Grass Cutting – Blue

Blue in the grass at our peak district cottages

Me in the grass -

The grass cutting season is under way again at our cottages (click here).  This is fun for a number of reasons –

    – I am allowed to chase the tractor/mower around the garden

    – I am allowed to chase the kicked grass cuttings (master dumps a lot of the grass cuttings out in the field and then kicks them all over the place to let the grass grow over them). I enjoy running after the grass and catching it.

    – its interesting to watch Smudge keep getting in the way.  Smudge seems to have the ability to settle down for a nap just where master is about to cut.  He then gets moved on and lies down in the next bit that will be cut.  Is he thick or what?
    – Once or twice master has allowed me onto the tractor/mower

      Nearly didn’t get a walk – Smudge

      Smudge on Eyam Moor

      Me on Eyam Moor -

      The day started fine at our cottages (click here).  It had rained in the night so when we went out with mistress for our morning walk it was a bit wet under foot. But nothing too serious as we didn’t get washed down as we sometimes do. Next I realised everyone was getting ready to go out for a long walk.  The sandwiches were being prepared etc and then we noticed that ‘Idiot Brother’ was no longer around.  Master called him, whistled for him etc but no ‘Idiot Brother’.  We hung around for about 15 Min’s then master decided he would head over to Sheldon (his normal destination) to see if he could see him.  Mistress as usual was very upset.  Me I don’t care.  If he gets lost it would be no great loss – more biscuits for me and maybe twice as much lunch. Master didn’t find him but 15 mins later he came sauntering down the courtyard as though he hadn’t been away.

      Anyway an hour late we got off on our walk (we even took HIM with us).  we had a very pleasant walk in the spring sunshine around Eyam (the ‘plague village’ about 15 mins from our peak district cottages) and Stoney Middleton and back.  As usual lunch was hopeless.  Not one scrap for us.  All those sandwiches and all we get is water. Still it was very pleasant and HE behaved himself.  Luckily we got back to the car just as it started to rain.  They don’t take rain coats for us.  So we would have go wet then been blamed for making the car smelly and a mess.

      Photo Shoot – Smudge

      Smudge in the lounge

      Me being Mugged -

      Its been a glorious  few days here at our cottages (click here).  Master has been busy cutting down trees and moving fence posts so it has been a bit go-go-go.  I got another trip down town with Mistress which was fun (apart from the CAR bit).  Idiot brother has kept out of my way by being under masters feet or sitting in the car waiting to go places with master (why does he do that – totally mad).  We had a ‘photo shoot’ yesterday (master fancies himself as a photographer).  I had assumed he was going to photograph me but it turns out he was photographing a friend’s daughter for some competition.  We had to move the furniture out of the way in the lounge and mistress and a friend stood around like lemons holding up a blanket.  I tried to help as best I could.  I assumed they would want me to be in the picture  but no –  I got ‘mugged’ by the friend’s younger daughter, who kept me out of the way.  Of course idiot brother was nowhere to be seen.

      Yippee Another Walk – Blue

      Blue on Taddington Moor

      Me on Taddington Moor -

      Things are looking up. We went for another walk today.  This time from Flagg to Taddington and back.  We managed to get away fairly early from our Peak district cottages so arrived in Flagg in time for morning coffee at the tea room where we all sat outside in the sun and we met a couple of friends [Flagg is a village a couple of miles from us that hosts the last open country Post to Post  race meeting left in the country].

      After coffee it was off up the lane and then across open fields where we were let off our leads.  Again lunch was a total washout – not even a crust.  But we did have fun chasing about the fields.  There were two very worrying incidents though.  The first was when we came across some very scary sheep.  Master was not very happy when I decided it was safer on the other side of the wall.  But luckily we got past them safely.  The next BIG problem was the cows in the last field we had to go through.  Now I am not a timid dog but these things are BIG.  Anyway I took one look at them and decided I would be better off the other side of the wall.  Unfortunately this happened to be someones garden.  How was I supposed to know?  Master was furious and not very sympathetic.  I had to come back and he then put me on my lead and led me around the perimeter of the field and let me nip over the wall as soon as we came to the road.  They are very Big things cows.

      Apart from these two incidents it was a very enjoyable walk.

      A trip down town – Smudge

      Smudge in the car at our peak district cottages

      Me in THE CAR -

      Spring has at last arrived here at our cottages (click here).  Even Mistress seems more cheerful. I was treated to a trip down town with her today (peace and quite away from idiot brother).  There are  only a few problems with going down town: having to go in the car and having to be on a lead.  The lead bit is not too bad although I do keep forgetting what I am supposed to do but the CAR.  I do hate having to go in the car.  Mistress says its because I was sometimes sick in the car when I was a puppy but I think they are just noisy horrible things.

      Town as always was interesting. Lots of other dogs to chat to and interesting things to investigate.  In general I am allowed in the shops  (apart from the food shops – unfortunately) as Bakewell seems to be a dog friendly town (unlike some).  The butchers is the worst shop we go to.  I have to sit outside staring at all that meat.  I am sure I could help them clean up every now and then.  At the supermarket I am left in charge of the shopping which can be difficult (don’t remind mistress about the sausage roll – she has never forgiven me).  The bank is fine we stand in the queue where I usually attract some attention from the other shoppers.

      On the way back to the car we have to pass all the ducks and geese down by the river.  This is also a bit hard on me. It’s in a collies nature to round things up but I know I am supposed to behave when I am on a lead.

      Confined to Barracks – Blue

      Blue at our peak district cottages

      Me out for an amble -

      Just because master is re-mortaring the steps in front of reception at our cottages (click here) means we are confined to the house.  Something about us getting in the way and putting our paws in the mortar.  I tried it once and he really did seem to get annoyed.  They do hand prints in Hollywood. What is wrong with paw prints at Bolehill?

      Smudge was traumatised this afternoon. Masters PC backup power supply started to beep.  For some reason he gets very upset and starts shaking whenever the beeping starts.  I think, he thinks it is about to thunder and lightening as that is when it often happens.  If it does start thundering we can usually find him curled up in a dark corner somewhere quivering – stupid dog.  Me – I am brave but stick close to master just in case.

      Balloons! A serious threat. – Smudge

      Balloon from our peak district cottages

      The Balloon Threat -

      Its that time of year again at our Peak District Cottages.  Loads of Balloons seem to be coming our way.  I think they do it just to annoy us.  Master and Mistress say they launch them from Bakewell show ground and they seem to enjoy just watching them but they don’t understand the serious threat they pose to our territory. We (me and idiot brother) have managed to chase away at least 4 in the last few days but they do keep coming back.   Yesterday one flew down the entire length of the Dale (Lathkill).  We kept a careful eye on it to make sure it didn’t come any closer.

      Now it is getting warmer it is pleasant just sitting in our courtyard watching the world go by.  Even idiot brother is behaving himself.  We have had loads of dog friends staying over the last few days and we have been allowed out to play with them in our fields.

      A walk at last – Blue

      Blue at Robin Hoods Stride - Derbyshire

      Me at Robin Hoods Stride

      Well at long last we have been taken for a nice long walk. Woke up to beautiful sunshine at our cottages (click here) and then heard that magical word – walk.  Even Smudge looked enthusiastic (which is unusual for him). We quickly helped master and mistress get things ready and then off we went over to Youlgrave (2 miles from our peak district cottages) for a walk down Bradford Dale and then on to Robin Hoods Stride round to Elton Village and back.  The sun was out all the way and most of the time we were off our leads although I know master keeps saying we should be on leads at this time of year (something about ground nesting birds and lambs. But we are well trained and very obedient.  Well some of the time  and we  do try to be good but a ‘dogs got to do what a dogs got to do’ especially when that squirrel ran past us. Another few seconds and I might have caught him. Lunch time was a washout – AGAIN. How come master packs food for them and all we get is water. We tried our ‘cute I am hungry routine’ but got absolutely nowhere.

      Question – If master and mistress have got half the number of legs to us (four to two) how come they walk slower than half our pace. We are always hanging around at stiles etc waiting for them. Then mistress stops to ‘admire the view’. Its a bunch of fields lets get on and find somewhere else to investigate. Apparently from Robin Hoods Stride and Elton you can see our house – well whoopee. Does that get us nearer to our biscuits -no it doesn’t!

      Walk what walk – Smudge

      Smudge on a wall at our peak district cottages

      Me on Wall -

      I distinctly remember someone mentioning the word walk.  So what happened? I thought we would get at least one walk over the Easter break but  no!  Mistress and Master were busy all the time with our Peak district Cottages.  Not even a stroll down to the local village for a sit in the Derbyshire sunshine and watch the sheep and lambs (and hopefully lunch).  Oh well idiot brother and I were allowed out to play most of the time.  Now it is getting warmer its nice just to sit in the sun in our Cottage’s Courtyard and watch the world go by – making sure I keep an eye on idiot brother to ensure he doesn’t wander off.

      I wonder how long it will be before we get our cows back.  They are always great fun.  Its also fun to watch idiot brother with the cows – he is terrified of them and is always hiding behind walls or fences when they are around.  Not sure why as the are very friendly and easy to shove around (unlike those vicious sheep we had over the winter).

      I’m in trouble again – Blue

      Blue in Car

      Me -

      How was I to know that Master and Mistress were going out for the evening? Did they tell me? No! Now I am in trouble, just because I decided to go off for a walk in the beautiful evening sunshine around our cottages (click here). OK maybe I should have come back when I heard the whistle! But it was such a nice evening and there were lots of things that needed to be checked out.  We seem to have an abundance of moles at the moment and I do need to keep an eye on them – just in case.  The number of birds seems to be increasing so I also need to keep an eye on them.  Its a lot of work for one dog and Smudge is no help.

      Anyway when I strolled back in half an hour later, having completed my walk, there was an almighty fuss.  Master had gone of looking for me (I don’t know why,  I was only a few fields away) and mistress was looking very worried. It turns out they were going out to Sheffield for the evening.  Without us of course.  Apparently you can’t take dogs to Choral recitals – not sure why! They were a bit cross as I had made them 30 minutes late. I made a big fuss of them when they got back to show that I was sorry.