A walk in the spring Sunshine – Smudge

Smudge overlooking Monsal Dale

Me taking in the view -

At last a nice long walk.  Its been a bit depressing here over the last few days as our mistress has been away at her sisters so we have been looked after by master.  Not as much fun. And he doesn’t feed us as well as mistress. Anyhow a  nice long walk in the spring sunshine is just what we all needed.  Even idiot brother was behaving himself.  We all went off  to Monsal Dale (about 10 mins from our cottages (click here)) where we parked and then went on up the dale and onto the tops.  We were allowed off our lead for most of the way so we could get some serious sniffing and exploring done. As usual lunch time was awaited with great anticipation only to be the usual let down – a few scraps and that was it.  How is a fit and healthy collie supposed to keep up on a few scraps.  I am glad we were put back on our leads as we walked along the cliff edges at Cressbrook.  I didn’t like the drop at all.  Master and mistress kept wittering on about how spectacular the view was but I just wanted to get down onto flat ground again.  We all stopped for afternoon tea at the Monsal Head Cafe but again we didn’t get more than a sniff of the cake.  All in all though it was a very enjoyable day.

Smudge - where has everyone gone

Me trying to see where everyone has got to

Awaiting the train

Awaiting the Train

Does Smudge have a Brain – Blue

Blue looking cute

Me doing my Cute Look -

I have been on my best behavior ‘again’.  After I was well and truly told off for my casual stroll over to Sheldon I thought it best to be good for a while.  I was only taking in  the beautiful spring scenery and was on my way back – honest! I don’t think master believes me though!  So to show I am on my best behaviour I hang around the courtyard at our cottages (click here) and made sure when master is about I am at his side.  Seems to be working.

I had great fun this afternoon. Smudge was playing with a stick in the field.  It was much too big for him and he was having real problems holding and carrying it.  Just then master called us in.  Smudge immediately came running up the field with the stick in his mouth (to make sure he didn’t loose it  I assume).  To get from the field to the car park we need to go across a cattle grid or we can walk round the side where master has made us a passageway to squeeze through.  We always use the passageway as it is easier than the cattle grid.  Anyhow as smudge came thundering up to the passageway I suddenly realised that this could be great fun!  How as he going to get the stick through? As he isn’t the brightest dog in the pack he would try and get through the passage with the piece of wood in his mouth.  This was going to be real fun to watch.  But no.  He got near the entrance.  Looked at it, looked at the piece of wood and decided to go across the cattle grid instead.  Maybe he does have a brain after all. I will have to monitor him more closely in future.

He has done it again – Smudge

Smudge awaiting his turn

Me awaiting my turn

– Idiot brother has done it again.  Its only four weeks since his last escapade over to Sheldon.  This time master had to go and fetch him from just before Sheldon.  As usual he had wandered off totally oblivious to our standing instruction to stay within our own fields.  I assume, as per normal, he went off to see some people on the footpath and then just carried on following them – idiot.   Why he wants to wander off from our cottages (click here) is beyond me. We have everything we want just here.  He might have even missed lunch!!!  Anyhow master is hopping mad and has started looking at getting him a GPS tracking system so we can see where he has got to.  That should be fun as he is going to get into even more trouble than normal.  Master will be able to see where he has been all the time not just when he has gone missing.  So he is really going to get it in the neck.  Maybe we should just let him stay lost.  I might get his dinner  – that would be good.

Abandoned – Blue

Blue at Carsington Water

Me at Carsington Water -

The day started off beautifully at our cottages (click here)Master took us out for our morning walk then we heard that we were being taken to Hopton hall to look round the yearly Snowdrop display.  Great we thought a nice long walk round the grounds of a big house.  Always things to do and see at big houses.  Anyway what happens when we get there?  We get abandoned in the car. No dogs allowed in the grounds!  What about our rights?  I thought there were laws against discrimination these days.  Smudge didn’t seem to mind, he just curled up and went to sleep.  But I was furious.  It got even worse.  After Master and Mistress got back we all went to Carsington Water (a couple of miles down the road). Now we will get taken for a walk – we thought.  Oh No. They went off to Lunch, abandoning us in the car AGAIN (Smudge went back to sleep).  Apparently you aren’t allowed to take dogs into Restaurants.  I am going to write to my MP.  Don’t we have any rights. I am sure the EU has something to say about this.  Anyhow after lunch we did, at long last, get taken for a walk (although it was a bit short). The picture shows me sitting on one of the sculptures with Carsington water in the background.

Is Spring Here? – Smudge

Smudge Moling

Me practicing Moling

Spring seems to be on its way at last here at our cottages (click here).  Thank goodness for that.  I really didn’t like all that snow.  For two days now the sun has been out and our friendly wag tail is back so we can practice our collie skills on him.  It was so warm in the courtyard I actually dozed off for a while until idiot brother woke me up about something.  The farmer is putting slurry on the fields again so I am keeping an eye on idiot brother to make sure he doesn’t go off and come back caked in slurry.   I even tried my luck at moling this morning (see picture).  Not sure I am as good as idiot brother (not that he ever catches anything) but practice makes perfect.  Master took us out for our walk this morning.  Its not as much fun with him as it is with mistress.  He yells at us more often and doesn’t give us any treats and why was he whistling for us to come back when we were sitting right next to him (maybe the cold weather got to him).