The Snow has gone again – Blue

Blue gets washed at our peak district cottages

A bad moment

Just when I was getting use to it, the snow has disappeared at our cottages (click here).  Its been replaced by soggy wet grass and boggy ground which means every time we go out we get washed down when we get back.  Its not fair.   Smudge is on his best behaviour at the moment as we overheard mistress and master talking about getting him some ‘doggy Prozac’ (put some life in him).  Smudge looked a bit worried (well more worried than normal).  I recon it might be a  good idea, as it might liven him up a bit and he could become  a bit more playful.  So I am voting for it.  I bet when master finds out how much it is he will refuse to pay for it though.  Maybe we can give Smudge something and tell him it’s Prozac – see what he does.

There is not a lot going on at the moment, all our friends  have left after the half term break.  I think a new friend arrived this afternoon but we haven’t been introduced yet.  I assume he (Smokey the greyhound) is going to be more fun than playing with Smudge (roll on the Prozac).

Another Duvet Day – Smudge

Fun in the snow
I’m the handsome one on the left

It snowed here at our cottages (click here) again last night! So we were dragged out early in the morning by mistress and master to clear the snow off the drive.  I hadn’t even had my breakfast.  Idiot brother of course didn’t seem to care and once again loved it.  Me – I could do without it.  As a special gesture to our master I decided I would try and keep idiot brother out of the way so he could get on with clearing the drive. Well that was the intention. Of course once idiot brother has got it into his head to chase something that is it. So poor master had to put up with him leaping after every shovel full of snow. What an idiot.  Anyhow as you can see from the picture we did have a bit of fun.

Luckily after a couple of hours we were aloud back in and I took up my highly responsible role of looking after the fire. In fact it turned out to be not too bad a day after all as I was allowed to stay by the fire for most of the day.  Mistress did try and throw us out mid afternoon – who is she kidding it was cold out there.  Luckily she let us stay in after we (even idiot brother wasn’t keen) both  took one look outside and quickly ran back into the kitchen.

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I think I might have got away with it – Blue

walk from our peak district cottages

Me with Lathkill Dale in the background

Master seems to have calmed down a bit after my adventure the other day.  I have tried to be extra good just in case.  Whenever master is out side working on our cottages (click here) I stick to him like glue – male bonding and all that.  We even got taken for a walk along the top of Lathkill Dale on Sunday which was great as we didn’t have to be on our leads most of the time. Smudge was especially happy as we only had to go in the car for a short journey and then we walked back.  The views from the top of the Dale were spectacular but what all the fuss was about when I stood close to the edge I just don’t know.  Do they think I am stupid.  I know its a long way down.  We did meet a few sheep on the way, that looked a bit scary but Smudge just gave them one of his ‘Collie stares’ and that go rid of them.  Coming down was interesting.  Mistress always takes so long.  We could have been home and back again by the time she got down.  Anyway all in all in was a good day and master seems to be talking to me again.

Now I am in real trouble – Blue

Blue at our Peak district cottages

Me trying out my Sorrowful look

Thursday started out fine at our cottages (click here).  I didn’t manage to get into trouble all morning (which is unusual).  By about lunch time we had figured out that the farmer was slurry carting in the back fields.  This is a great opportunity to go rolling (enhances a dogs self esteem to roll in something nice and smelly) and generally getting dirty.  Master never seems to be that amused after I have spent an hour enhancing my esteem. In fact I am not sure why I bother. I come back on top of the world and all that happens is I get taken out to the hose pipe and washed down.  Anyhow we were playing in the field and kept getting further and further away from home.  All of a sudden I looked round and Smudge was no where to be found.  It turns out he had headed home a few fields back – something about being  worried he might miss out on any lunch time treats (no sense of adventure my brother).  In any case I couldn’t remember my way back, so started to get a bit scared.  Just as I was getting desperate I spotted some walkers.  They looked as though they knew where they were going.  So I decided to follow them.  After a few miles I realised that we were in a village we have been to quite a few times. But how to get back home?  In the end (being a smart dog) I decided to head to the one place my master sometimes  goes to – the pub.  So I wandered off  to see if he was there.  Luckily the pub landlady spotted me and saw my dog tag. She rang my mistress who came over to pick me up. I thought I would be in real trouble but she seemed very pleased to see me.  Anyhow just in case, I decided I had better put on my sorrowful look for the rest of the day (how does Smudge do that so easily) and hope she would forget that I had been away for most of the afternoon.  Master didn’t look very pleased when he came  in. So I decided it was safer to spend the rest of the day in our cage (just in case).

I am a collie after all – Smudge

Smudge in the Peak district

Me discussing 'the rules of engagement' with 'their' leader

Sometimes I think my mistress and master forget that I am a collie (might have something to do with my lay-back duvet attitude).  But  I regularly hone my skills on the Chicken (not that she seems to do what she is told),  the local bird population and other moving objects.  I would love to be able to show master what I could achieve with the sheep around our cottages (click here) but I am under strict instructions not to.  The best fun is trying to round up my idiot brother.  I  get into a collie crouch about 20 feet away from him.  As he is usually running around like an idiot he rarely sees me till the last moment when it is too late.  A quick nip on his leg and I am away again.  I then have to run quickly before he can retaliate.  The other thing I practice for hours is the ‘Collie Stare’.  This is quite important as it shows whoever you are rounding up just who is boss. You sit transfixed for ages just watching (idiot brother isn’t much good at this as he is too impatient).   In summer, if I am really good master sometimes takes me down to help round up the cows.  They are a bit big but I can manage them.  Those that don’t do as they are told get a little warning nip on the ankle.  That’s usually enough to show who is in charge.  Idiot brother is absolutely useless at this, as he is scared of cows and is usually at least a field away which isn’t much help to master.

Not Snow Again – Smudge

Smudge on the doorstep of our peak district cottages

Me waiting to be let in

Its started snowing again at our(click here).  Just when I had got used to seeing our green fields again they are now covered in snow – AGAIN.  Idiot brother of course is over the moon about it. Running here and there trying to catch the snow as it falls.  Far too much like hard work for my liking.  What was worse Mistress left us out side for some of the time and didn’t seem to hear me asking to come in.  Idiot brother didn’t help, he just continued to play in the snow.  Master didn’t look too pleased about the snow either.  I suppose he was worried that he might have to clear the drive.  At least mistress lit the fire in the afternoon.  To try and be helpful I snuggled down near to it, so I could keep a careful eye on it for her.  Just to make sure it didn’t go out you understand.