Walk along Curbar Edge – Blue

Blue at Curbar Edge near our peak district cottages

Me on Curbar Edge

A great day today. We went for a walk along Curbar edge (Master says it is about 5 miles from our cottages (click here)).  Its the first walk we have had since Boxing day.  The good news was that we were allowed  off our leads for most of the walk.  The bad news was that there wasn’t much to chase.  We met a few friends on the way and I was especially shocked that I managed to scare a big Alsatian. Soppy Dog.  Anyhow it was great fun, especially watching mistress clamber down the edge.  We tried to help but she didn’t seem too appreciative.  We (or more precisely Smudge) love lunch times as master and mistress always have a packed lunch and if we are good we get bits.  Smudge of course would have the entire sandwich if given a chance.  I wonder if it is possible for a dog to sit nearer to someone than Smudge does. He never gets more than me so why he tries I don’t know.

As we got lower down it got a bit muddy and Smudge got filthy (as usual).  I don’t know what it is with him but mud just seems to find him.

Diet – why me? – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district pet friendly cottages

Me in my youth

Here at our cottages (click here) I seem to be the only one who is on a diet.  Why me? I regularly exercise; I only eat what I am supposed to (most of the time) and don’t drink too much. So why am I singled out as the one who has to be on a diet.  I am absolutely sure that idiot brother gets more in his bowl than me.  He must do.  I have finished mine before he has got half way through his.  So my thinking is that he must be getting twice as much as me. Its’ just not fair!  Mistress does give us a few treats during the day, when ‘we’ are good.  But that is a bit of a problem because idiot brother is rarely out of trouble and I always seem to have to suffer.

It was a bit scary today.  There were loud bangs going off in the distance (I think mistress said there was a shoot on).  I am a bit wary of bangs as you are never quite sure of what is going to follow them. So to make sure nothing untoward happened I made sure I snuggled even deeper into the duvet and when outside stuck very close to master.  I am sure he wouldn’t let anything happen to me.  Idiot brother of course just hid somewhere.

Now the Snow has Gone – Blue

Blue in our peak district cottages fields

Me looking for Moles

Now the snow has gone I can get on with my job of catching moles (well actually trying to catch them).  The snow was terrible for us mole catching dogs.  You could not see where they were.  But now the snow has cleared I can go round our cottages (click here) grounds checking.  I can usually find a few among our 22 acres of grounds or in the fields next to us.  If only the moles would stay around a bit longer once I find them then I would show them who is boss.  One problem I have when moling is that I am forever getting washed, which at this time of the year just isn’t good.  I did actually catch a mole once  but all I got from my master was a “I suppose it was dead before you found it”.  Well that’s gratitude for all my hard work.

It was fun yesterday watching Smudge.  The guests in Derwent cottage had left some bread out for the birds.  Well food and Smudge are like magnets.  The only problem was that it was just out of his reach. For an hour I sat watching him try all sorts of tricks to try and get to it.

Mistress’s friend went home today which is a shame as I think she was starting to sort of like us (me especially).  Although she didn’t seem to be too keen on our normal morning welcome.  Maybe she was still half asleep or maybe I should cut down on the jumping a bit.

Mistress’s Friend Arrives – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

A lazy evening

Mistress’s friend arrived yesterday to stay a few days at our cottages (click here) and once again ‘idiot brother’ disgraced himself.  We were both happy to see her again but of course he goes over the top (as usual) and jumps all over her.  Well as she isn’t a great dog lover (I don’t understand why) she was not very happy with him and we both got shouted at. And I didn’t do anything wrong – Its always him.  Anyway I had a nice relaxing afternoon in front of the fire – just keeping an eye on it for Mistress (just in case it went out).  Unfortunately  I was turfed out into the kitchen when they all went out to dinner.  ‘Idiot brother’ of course made a big fuss about wanting go with them.  Not me.  Just in case, I hid in the cage to make sure they overlooked me.   In the end they left both of us which didn’t make ‘idiot brother’ any happier.   They soon returned and I could get back to my fire watching before going to bed.

All the Snow Has Gone – Blue

Blue at our Peak district cottages

'"Four legs good, two legs better!"'

Well it was fun while it lasted but unfortunately it (the snow) all seems to have gone at our cottages (click here)Master seems a lot happier although has broken my Discovery.  I rather liked the discovery as I never got moaned at for dirty feet etc and I was always allowed to sit in the observation seat where I could keep a careful watch out for those viscous cows and sheep. Still he does keep talking about getting another 4X4 so that is encouraging.  Hope he lets me choose it this time.

Master and Mistress left us both on our own all afternoon while they went shopping.  I assumed my normal vigilant security position and as normal Smudge resumed his normal pose and instantly went to sleep.  How does he do it.  He knows we are in charge of security until they get back.  Anyway it wasn’t all bad because they brought back some more food  and treats for us.  I carefully supervised the transfer of the food to the cellar but was not allowed to check out its edibility.  Just to show that there was no hard feelings at having left us for 1/2 the day, I helped master park the car back in the car park.

Not impressed – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me on a Bad Day

Just when I was getting use to this snow thing, here at our Peak district cottages,  I have decided it isn’t for me.  Getting around is getting very difficult.  I know I am not the biggest dog around (although I am bigger than idiot brother) but these snow drifts are just not fair.  And to make things worse the snow keeps giving way under me.  Just when I think I can step on it without problem it gives way and the next thing I know I am up to my tummy in snow (very cold).  Getting out then becomes interesting and idiot brother is no help.  He still seems to enjoy it – but then he would wouldn’t he.

At least ‘the bird’ is back.  Have I told you about our wag tail.  It provides us with endless amusement.  Master thinks we are off our trolley but all we are doing is honing our instincts and anyway it keeps idiot brother out of mischief for a while.  We just love to sit watching it run along the roof line and then hop from tree to tree.  Every now and then when we get a bit bored we woof and off it goes to reapear somewhere else.  Great fun.

Mistress seems better and is now taking us out for our morning walk.  Alot better than with master.  No yelling at us and she gives us treats every now and then.  We never get that from master.

Neat Trick – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me in our Kitchen

I have just learned a new neat trick.  If I jump high enough at the door I can release the door catch.  This means I can carry out my security duties far more efficiently as I can now patrol the house at night and be ready for master when he comes down in a morning.  Master doesn’t seem to  see it this way and didn’t seem to be too please to see me patrolling the house at night.  I suppose if I can figure out how to close the door to our room, after finishing my patrol, he won’t know.  After all I am only trying to do my job properly.

It was great fun today as we had to take the car in to the garage.  I assumed we were going to be walking back to our cottages (click here) as we normally do but no such luck. But we did came back in another car.  Great fun – I love going in new cars.

The sheep have been a bit intimidating recently.  I don’t know what their problem is.  Maybe they are a bit cold but they don’t have to take it out on me. So I am keeping a wide distance from them at the moment, just in case.  Smudge as normal seems to be totally oblivious to them but then he is a bit stupid.

Now he is in trouble – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me at our front door

Idiot brother has done it now.  He has figured out how to open our door into the main house.  Why he should want to, I don’t know.  Our duvet is nice and warm and cosy, so why would he want to go wandering around the house. Our home is the corridor between the house and the reception to our cottages (click here).   Anyhow the first time he opened the door, after we had been put to bed,  master found him and immediately put him back to bed.  Master hadn’t been gone a few minutes and the idiot does the same thing  again. Well master was not amused and nearly lost his temper with him (when will he learn not to upset the master).  He put him back to bed with a very stern talking to and this time bolted the door.  That did the trick. In the end he settled down for the night.

A Chicken Problem – Smudge

Smudge outside our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me Out side our Pet friendly holiday cottages

Here at our Bolehill we had another crisis.  The night before last we went up to put the chicken to bed and couldn’t find her.  Master made a snide remark about me and dinner but I had nothing to do with it.  Idiot brother of course was no where to be seen so he couldn’t take the blame.  In the end I managed to convince master that it was probably a fox.  Anyhow the crisis was averted the next morning when mistress took us out for our morning walk (far more fun with mistress than master). Mistress found her sitting quit happily in our barn we use to store the straw and hay.

It snowed again last night so plenty of fresh snow to play in,  I am getting use to it now. Even if it is a bit cold.  The only problem is that it is now getting so deap in places that we sink up to our tummies which makes running around in the fields a bit difficult.

Another Exciting Day – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me in the Snow

A late morning for us this morning.  Mistress is still not too well so we were allowed to go up and say good morning to her. I think I must have gone a bit overboard as she wasn’t very happy with me.  Master took us out for a walk and to get the chicken up.  Smudge is starting to understand that snow is fun to play in.  So for a few minutes he actually played with me.  Then it was time to help one of our guests from our cottages to take their luggage down to their car.  Well when I say help, I mean I supervised the master and made sure none of those sheep came too near.  After Master’s coffee break he took me down town.  That is always a treat as it is usually mistress and smudge that get to go down town.  I was on my best behaviour and as normal was in charge of looking after bags as my master went into shops.

In the afternoon master decided to bring some more logs in.  This is always great fun as we can always find some new branch or twig that we haven’t found before.  Even smudge was in a playful mood.  Twice in 1 day- he must have found the blue smarties again.  The afternoon was a bit of a let down as the Christmas decorations were put back into the loft.  Never mind there is always next year.