Are there any inexpensive motels, lodges, holiday parks, ect that are pet-friendly in the North Island?

go to google, type pet friendly hotels and from there you’ll find a pet friendly hotel site that allows you to chose a state, motel/hotel of your choice, etc.
there isn’t a lot but you’ll probably find something
some charge extra bucks for pets, and some don’t
read descriptions

How cold is too cold to walk the dog?

Walked the dog this morning at it was 32 degrees out, it’s suppose to get colder this week and on Friday it will be about 10 degrees during our walk time. When is it too cold for the cute puppy paws?

One is a black lab (less worried about him)
One is a GSD mix (thinner coat)
Haha. 10 degrees is cold to a woman that LOVES the summer time. =) Thanks for the input so far guys.

Last winter, I walked Kip when it was below -30 C (-22 F).

32 is not cold. 10 is not cold.

Dress appropriately, and have fun.

Nestle’s Farfel Christmas Commercial

Retro Christmas commercial for Nestle candies with Farfel the Dog.

Duration : 0:0:30

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pet friendly car free holiday, help!!!!?

I’ve already searched the web and cant find what I’m looking for, maybe you guys can help me???I’m looking for dog friendly self catering accomodation not too far from a train station as we dont have a car, oh nearly forgot this is for 6 adults.In Scotland, somewhere scenic or interesting, thanks very much.

Try They have caravan parks, cottages and lodges that all accept well behaved pets.

How often do you walk your dog?

I used to give my dog 3 walks a day. After moving I only give him a walk 2xs a week. Just wondering what’s normal because I feel like I am neglecting him now, although I know he was spoiled before.
Have a black lab

I have a Border Collie he is very energetic! I give him a walk about 2-3 times a week so I’d say it’s normal. I also play Frisbee or fetch in our back yard a lot to so if you don’t feel like giving him/her a walk every day and he/she is hyper than try playing Frisbee or fetch it always works with my dog.
Hope that I helped?!

Self Catering Holiday Accommodation Falmouth Cornwall UK

Falmouth, Cornwall Self Catering Accommodation. This beautifully proportioned holiday cottage/barn situated at Trenoweth, Cornwall, TR109JH

Honey Buzzard Barn Nr Falmouth Cornwall has just been recently lovingly restored and designed with your every need, and all the comforts of modern day living in mind.

Rural walks, right from your door step. Dog /Pet Friendly (by prior arrangement) – FREE WiFi Broad Band Internet

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Dog Tricks HOW TO teach your dog to walk on their hind legs

A lesson on teaching your dog to walk on their hind legs.

“An Introduction to clicker training”:

Video idea by Animalfanatic19:

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best pet friendly holiday places,long weekend,on the Sunshine Coast?

For this co.ming weekend,first one we’ve had since last August

If you go up a bit further you can stay at a place called Quaterdecks in Hervey Bay. The townhouses are fairly new and beautiful and you can take your dog as well. The beach down the end of the street (only a couple of mins walk) you can take the dogs for a walk and a swim. Its so relaxing staying there that you won’t want to come home.

How frequently do you walk your dog?

How many times a day, or a week do you walk your dog?
Or do you mostly just let it out in the backyard ( if you actually can).

OR are you one of those people who keep their dog indoor like an indoor cat that never goes out?

I walk my Pomeranian three times a day. Two are short walks around the block and the third is a longer walk.

House at Disney * Kissimmee Vacation Rental * Private Pool * 4 miles to Disney *

Affordable Florida Vacation rental with Private Swimming Pool 4 miles to Disney World. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 8. Pet friendly. FREE high-speed wireless internet access.

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