Christmas – Smudge’s Story

Smudge being a duvet dog

pet friendly holidays – Smudge the Duvet Dog

Its great here at my home at our Bolehill cottages. In general life is good and apart from having that idiot brother (Blue) around all the time (why did my mistress bring him back with her) and being on a constant diet, things are great.  As I am so much better behaved than my brother I tend to get a free range of the 25 acres without been called back every five minutes.  I am usually woken up at about 7:00 – 7:30 by my brother barking at something (I don’t suppose even he knows what).  Then it is –  ‘look cute for the  master and mistress’ when they come down and await their breakfast.  If  I’m lucky I get a few bits of cereal from the mistress but she does tend to be mean.  I only get fed once a day because my brother would only eat once a day – so I have to suffer.  Can’t they give him away or something.  Anyhow it is then out to release that damn chicken and then off  for a walk around my estate.  I keep a careful eye on the chicken while my mistress is feeding it (it might miss some scraps) then its of into the fields to see what my idiot brother is up to (another mole hill to dig up or a hare or crow to chase).  Why doesn’t he chill out a bit.

Once back I need to go round our cottages to check on any scraps left out (why should the birds have them) and to see if anyone has left a door open.  You never know they might have left something on the floor for me or their dog may not of finished its breakfast.  I have a feeling my mistress warns people about my checks as I rarely find anything.

The snow was terrible. Idiot brother of course loved it. Its cold and wet and people throw it in the air for you to catch.  WHY?  Do people think I am stupid? Its cold and tasteless.  Why would anyone want to catch it (except my idiot brother)?

Christmas wasn’t too good as my master and mistress had friends round for a few days. The male is allergic to dogs so we (that is me and my brother) get banned to our room.  Although Blue grumbled all the time, I though it was OK.  But then I did get the cage with the new double duvet that the mistress had given us before Christmas.  I must admit I am a bit of a Duvet dog. It would have been nicer curled up in front of the fire with my mistress but at least we got some bits from the Christmas Lunch. Not much it has to be said but enough to remind me of dinner time.  Oh well the guests have gone now, so I can go back into the lounge and lie in front of the fire (assuming that brother of mine hasn’t got there first).    It will soon be dinner time!!!

If you want to see what you are missing have a look at my master’s web site (we have our own page) at pet friendly holiday

Christmas – Blue’s story

pet friendly cottages - Blue in snow

Pet Friendly Cottages – Blue in Snow

Here at our home at the  Bolehill cottages we have 25 acres of grounds to roam in. Over all we don’t have a bad life although Smudge (my brother) complains that he doesn’t get fed as much as he would like and our master  does yell at me whenever I find interesting things to do.  In general life is not too hard. Preparation for Christmas was great.  All those boxes coming out of the loft and new things on the floor to lie in. I love Christmas.  Although it  seems strange that once I find something comfortable to lie on I get moved.

The snow was excellent (although my master didn’t seem to think so).  I was out as soon as I was aloud.  Smudge seemed a bit unsure (he is a bit of a wimp) but once he got the hang of it we had great fun.  Better was to come.  My master started to clear the drive which meant throwing the snow all over.  Catching the snow off the end of the shovel is one of my favourite games.  It does, however,  seem to annoy my master. Once that was over it was then time to catch the salt/grit.  Not sure about that!  It seemed like fun but it tasted horrible and my master got even more annoyed.  In fact he sent me in which didn’t seem fair.

Christmas itself wasn’t so good.  My master and mistress had some of their friends around for a few days. Although they seem to like us (they always make a fuss of us), the male is allergic to us. Or so he says – just because he sneezes very time we come into the room, doesn’t mean we have to be banned from all the warm rooms.  It is our house.  Instead of us been  confined to a cold room why isn’t he confined to the cold room so we can stay in the lounge. It doesn’t seem fair.  In fact I must check with the RSPCA to see if this is abuse.

It wasn’t too bad I suppose.  We did get some scraps from the Christmas dinner (although smudge grumbled, as normal, that he hadn’t had enough). We were taken out for a walk on Boxing Day. We had to stay on our leads all day so it wasn’t as much fun as usual.  I am sure it must be against my Dog rights to keep us on a lead ALL day. Maybe it is something to do with the males ‘Allergy’.  Anyway they have gone now and we are allowed back into the main house.  Now where was that mat by the fire – I had better get there before Smudge does. If you want to see what you are missing have a look at my master’s web site (we have our own page) at pet friendly holiday

Dog sitting for the holidays….?

I found this add

In My-Home dog sitting

Dont leave your dog "bored" in a kennel let her stay in my home while your away.

Im my home dog sitting includes services like walking your dog, sitting with her by the fire, and feeding her own brand of dog food on your schedule. I also properly medicate animals who need oral, topical or injectable daily medications.

please call with any questions and to set up an appointment and a visit to my home.

all dogs must be dog friendly and current with vaccinationsincluding DHLPP, Bordetella and Rabies. All dog must have veterinarian approved flea prevention applied.


Worth a shot. Do ask for references, proof of liability insurance, and ask if she takes other dogs at the same time, or just one family’s at a time. My dog’s massage therapist does this. She takes only two at a time, they are treated like her own pets, and her rates are great as well. She does have insurance and a license for the business and uses contracts. Make sure this person does likewise for your protection.

Dog friendly pubs/gardens near Welshpool?

My wife and I will be holidaying near Welshpool in September with our two dogs. Any details of dog friendly pubs/gardens etc would be appreciated. Also, places where dogs can be walked off-the-lead, we particularly like woodland walks. Cheers!

Have you tried the Dogs Trust website? They have a section on dog friendly venues which might help you. They are split into sections and you can check by area. Could also try the book ‘Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B and Bs’ published by Edbury Press which will help with pubs and beer gardens. Tried to check for you but not sure where Welshpool is! Sorry!
Hope this helps! Enjoy your holiday!

Looking for a campsite in southwest UK, dog & child friendly, on a beach, near a train station?

I’m looking for the above for a family camping holiday (tent not caravan) in August. Any recommendations would be fab. A campsite with a kids play area would be marvelous!!

dorset has a family friendly one dont know if they allow dogs its on a beach dont know if near train station


How can i get my dog to not pull on the leash and walk by my side?

Every time i walk my dog it tries to lead. its always pulling on the leash and not moving when i want it to what. what can i do?

Put your dog on the leash on your left side. Hold the leash in your right hand and pick up the slack in your left hand.

Put your dog on a sit so that his front paws are even with your toes. Step off with your left foot and say "Buster, heel!" Give the leash a gentle tug and move forward.

Walk at an even pace that suits you. When the dog pulls ahead, make a sharp "UH UH" noise as a matter of correction and give the leash a tug to pull him back in line.

Praise him when he resumes the pace you’ve set.

Now, this is all well and good if you have a smart, compliant dog. Some dogs are bullheaded and want to charge ahead regardless.

Do not jerk the dog around. If he’s difficult, you need to get a training collar.

You don’t say what kind of dog you have, but for most breeds, a training collar or pinch collar is very effective. (A choke chain is an excellent way to cause an injury to your dog’s throat, larynx and neck muscles. A choke is worthless. Don’t even bother with it.)

A training collar or pinch collar is incomfortable for the dog. It does not poke the dog, have barbs, cause bleeding or any kind of injury and is quite humane, especially for a big, powerful dog.

When you get a training collar, take the dog to the store and have him properly fitted. Have the clerk show you the correct way to put the collar on; otherwise, it won’t work.

Once you have the collar, try "heel" again. When the dog jumps out ahead or falls back, give him a little tug to get him back on the pace, then praise him.

When you have a little control, do this:

Show your dog a small treat so that he knows you have it. Then old the treat up close to your face so that he keeps watching your face. Say "watch me, watch me" repeatedly. Reward him with the treat every so often.

Once you get the dog to watch your face, he will be wary of your movements and your pace.

Practice picking up the pace into a slow jog. Talk to your dog and say "pick it up" or "let’s go!" or something to indicate the change. Then slow down again by pulling back a little on the leash.

Always use the "uh uh" to remind him when he’s getting out of line.

Work with your dog for 2 five minutes sessions a day. You’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll learn, especially if you use a good training collar. Always talk to your dog and praise him for good behaviors.

Don’t work with your dog when you’re tired or impatient. Never raise your voice or hit your dog to correct him. Use gentle corrections and praise the correct behavior.

You’ll have a heeling champ in no time! Good luck!

Dog friendly hotel/inn/pub near the beach in Dorset?

Does anybody know of a dog friendly Inn/Hotel on the Beach in Dorset which they would recommend for a weeks holiday?

Try to get the Daily Mail for Saturday lst March. There are lots of hotels listed which will take dogs. Or get one of the dog magazines, they have lists.

Dog friendly hotel/inn/pub near the beach in Dorset?

Does anybody know of a dog friendly Inn/Hotel on the Beach in Dorset which they would recommend for a weeks holiday?

Try to get the Daily Mail for Saturday lst March. There are lots of hotels listed which will take dogs. Or get one of the dog magazines, they have lists.